SEO tiles

So, I installed this Yoast SEO Plugin and it’s already driving me out of my mind. It’s so picky! I was using it to optimize my Welcome post. First it asked me for a key phrase. Artist’s Blog, easy enough. Then it told me that my title, which was Welcome, didn’t include my key phrase. Alrighty, so I changed it to read Welcome to My New Artist’s Blog. Yoast SEO Plugin complains that my title is too wide. Not too long, but too wide. Umm, okay. I took out the word new. Still too wide. Ugh! I can’t make it any shorter. Frustrated, I moved down to Yoast’s next complaint: My key phrase ought to be in front of my title. So, Artist’s Blog Welcome? No. That’s it. There’s the line I won’t cross.

When I go to check the SEO on this post, it’s going to complain about how Yoast SEO Plugin isn’t at the beginning of my too wide title. Screw you, Yoast. You and your plugin.

SEO Rules: They’re more like guidelines, really.

The Yoast SEO Plugin is a great tool, really. It alerts you to the places where your SEO can be strengthened, and I find it helps me compose blog posts with some of those nagging little guidelines in mind. Case in point, I’ve broken up a long patch of text with a subheading. Is it sad that I’m eager for the plugin to pat me on the back and tell me what a good SEOer I am? Is it completely pathetic that I’m worried about what it’s going to complain about this time? This guideline thing is a struggle for a rule follower like me. In the end, I think the plugin must be an asset, because over 5 million WordPress users have it installed.

Yoast SEO Plugin update for this post.

Good news! I got all green lights for readability on my very first go round. Go me! My SEO score is orange, though, I’m sad to say. While Readability gave me points for using subheadings, SEO deducted points because my subheadings don’t contain the key phrase, which is Yoast SEO Plugin for this post. You’ll note, however, that I managed to sneak it in to the subheading for this update. So, there’s that. While I scored for having an internal link to another post, I lost points on not having an outbound link. Except, wait. What’s this? Yep, it’s a link to the Yoast SEO Plugin home page right here in this very sentence. Ah, one last thing about readability. Apparently it likes transition words. And since I’m the kind of gal who likes to begin sentences with the word and, I’m the queen of transition words. Who knew?

Update on the update. Now I got green lights in Readability and SEO. Ha!