Moonlight Tears


Why is this flapper so sad? Does she anticipate the end of her carefree existence? Is she taking a moment to regain her composure? Was she jilted by a lover, or did he have to leave her? Or perhaps the party girl life isn’t all she thought it would be? You decide.

Moonlight Tears is a study in contrasts. Light against dark, in structure as well as emotional stereotypes. A flapper, usually an iconic symbol of carefree gaiety, is here depicted mournfully gazing out into the distance. The details of the dress and jewelry against stark black or white, highlight the emotional discord while the limited pallet ties it all together.


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The painting Moonlight Tears, was completed in January of 2018 by Debbie Ainsworth. It features a heartbroken flapper against a moonlit background.

Painting Title:  Moonlight Tears
Collection: Familiar Faces
Medium:  Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 9″ x 12″
Finish: High Gloss

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