Welcome to My Artist’s Blog!

Hi! My name is Debbie Ainsworth and I’d like to thank you for stopping by my new Artist’s Blog. It’s in pretty rough shape at the moment, but I have lots of plans and here’s hoping I actually carry them out. First, let me say that you can find all of my current, finished art at ArtByDArt.com. I have a gallery there that you can scroll through, and you can also purchase my art there. That’s my website and every penny you spend there goes to me. I moved my online shop to its own website because I wanted DebbieAinsworth.com to be about the art itself.

I intend to blog about my works in progress as well as about my process. I’m not quite sure what it will turn out to be, but I want to blog about how I make art and how it makes me feel while I’m doing it. As an analytical artist, I’m a bit worried about writing too many boring details about my color choices and why I place them where I do. The goal is about the more esoteric aspects of creativity.

There will also one day be a special Art Page dedicated to each of my Original Paintings. Normally I’m a ‘theme’ gal, and I like all of my website pages to be matchy matchy. But for this, I want each page to be entirely unique and all about that particular painting. From the colors to the fonts to the layout, each page will be unique.

As for anything else? Who knows. LOL. I’ll figure it out as I go along. I might include some of the things I’ve learned along the way about building websites, SEO for Artists, how I’m using Social Media, etc. As an artist who’s done tons and tons of searches on how to market your own art, but finding very little info coming from the actual artists rather than marketing people, I thought maybe other artists will be interested in what I’m doing and how it’s working. In addition I can talk about how I used Elementor to build a custom front end to my Woocommerce store instead of having to use the clunky default shop page.

Today, being an Artist isn’t just about the creating. It’s about running your own online gallery, building a way to sell your work, and finding a way to get your art before the eyes of people who will love it. As an introvert who has a lot of trouble talking to people face to face, this is especially appealing to me. There’s so much I’ve learned, but there’s so much I need to learn too. It gets overwhelming sometimes, but so does life, right? It’s still worth it in the end.

Regarding comments. There’s just so much spam that comes through the comments that it’s absurd. I’ve had to turn comments off on my website. The only way I can have them is if folks register as a user, and I know I always hate that when I’m on other people’s sites. So instead I’m confining all discussions to my ArtByDArt Facebook page. I’ll also fill out the form on my Contact Page for those who don’t have a Facebook account.