Art in Progress: A Room With a Vieux

Art in Progress: A Room with a Vieux Update

Life has been so busy lately that I haven’t really had a chance to paint in TWO WHOLE MONTHS! There’s so much peace that comes with creating Art and I’ve truly missed it.  The good news is that this is the Art in Progress FINAL UPDATE for A Room With a Vieux.

A Little Stained Glass Never Hurt Anyone

Normally, I would put the “big picture” at the bottom of the update, but in this case I need it at the top, because none of my update pictures really include a good shot of the stained glass window. That space was just solid black before, which was entirely unsatisfying. Thought about stained glass, (Because who doesn’t like stained glass doors?) but worried it might be distracting.  I decided on using shades of Purple and Red to help it blend in seamlessly without drawing the eye away from the rest of the painting.  What do y’all think of my solution? Is it successful?

A Study of Light and Shadow

Shadows on the Wall

The  shadows on the Fleur de Lis itself as well as those it casts on the exposed brick wall are deeper now. While the shadows on the wall are blacker, the effect on the hammered metal was done with gold tones.

Art in Progress: A Room With a Vieux

Trade a Lantern for the Moon

I really like the moon occupying this little patch of sky. The lantern that was there before was supposed to create some dramatic shadows, but the moonlight on the balcony as well as the lamplight falling across the opened French door does a better job of it.

Art in Progress: A Room With a Vieux

Something Living

So many of y’all suggested adding a cat or a dog to the composition. I’ll admit that’s what I was thinking as well, but my challenge with this painting was to convey a sense of temporary abandonment.  While darkening all the shadows helped to subdue that “there’s something missing” factor, I decided to add a hint of life to my still life with some balcony flowers.

Art in Progress: A Room With a Vieux

It's Getting Darker

Replacing the lantern with the moon meant that all my balcony shadows had to be changed. I removed the yellow tints and added some darker blue to indicate the rail and the flower box. You can see that the shadows falling under the table and across the door frame are dramatically darker.

Art in Progress: A Room With a Vieux

Shadow and Light

Here you can see the contrast between the light and the shadows it creates. The reflects on the chair, the top of the pillow, the ceramic of the lamp, and most dramatically, on the brick wall.

This Painting is Done

This should be said in the tone of “This house is clean” from Poltergeist. With any luck, unlike Poltergeist, this painting really is done.  It just has to be. I’ve already taken pictures of it and everything. The next time you see A Room With a Vieux, it shall be when I list it for sale on