Original New Orleans Themed Art by Debbie Ainsworth

Victorian Lodgings – Original Painting – SOLD!

An Original work of Art, a colorful entrance to a Victorian B&B, created with acrylics and mixed media, signed by the Artist.

Title: Victorian Lodgings
Size: 8″ x 10″
Media: Acrylic, Gloss finish
One of a Kind

A colorful entrance to a Victorian themed bed and breakfast features a teal blue wall, bright yellow windows, and a red framed door. There are flower boxes, hanging vines, and lots of potted plants. There is a charming pink bicycle leaning against the wall with a spray of flowers clipped to the handle bars. “Victorian Lodgings” also features vivid red signs marking the entry to the B&B. You can just picture yourself seated at an outdoor cafe across the street and looking at this charming scene. “Victorian Lodgings” is part of my Little Jewels collection.

“Victorian Lodgings” is a mixed media piece, with acrylic paint and permanent markers, and it has a gloss finish. It has been signed by me, Debbie Ainsworth, the artist, and the title and date are printed on the back. When I first started painting, I always painted around the edges of my canvases because it bugged me not to. Today they call it “gallery wrapping.” So, “Victorian Lodgings” is gallery wrapped.