Original New Orleans Themed Art by Debbie Ainsworth

Spirit of NOLA – Original Painting – SOLD

An Original work of Art featuring a ghostly figure in the French Quarter, created with acrylics and signed by the Artist.

Title: Spirit of NOLA
Genre: New Orleans Art
Size: 10″ x 8″
Media: Acrylic, Gloss finish
Original Painting

A ghostly figure with the wings of an angel comes towards you on a moonlit French Quarter balcony. The balcony is all in purples and blues, giving the building an abandoned feeling, along with the rusted wrought iron. It stands in sharp contrast with the colorful surrounding buildings. There are lots of details in “Spirit of NOLA” including flowering potted plants and brick sidewalks.

“Spirit of NOLA” was created with acrylic paint and it has a gloss finish. It has been signed by me, Debbie Ainsworth, the artist, and the title and date are printed on the back. When I first started painting, I always painted around the edges of my canvases because it bugged me not to. Today they call it “gallery wrapping.” So, “Spirit of NOLA” is gallery wrapped.

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