Original New Orleans Art by Debbie Ainsworth

Shaggy’s in Pass Christian, MS

Yesterday I had to take a trip into Bay St. Louis, which isn’t that far away, but since I was so close to the beach, I decided to stop for lunch before turning around and heading back home. Mom took a ride with me, and we just traveled along Highway 90 till it turned into N. Beach Road, and stopped at the first non-chain restaurant we saw: Hwy 90 runs through a lot of little towns, and is really crowded with stores and businesses of every variety, but with the exception of Mexican restaurants, everything we saw were fast food chains. We saw one little cafe, which was probably perfectly fine, be it looked a little iffy from the outside, so we ventured on.

Poor Mom suffers from car sickness, not to mention the fact that she has to pee every two hours, so we came upon Shaggy’s just in time. It’s a two story establishment right in a marina. The first floor is a bar, and is completely open as far as I could tell. The upstairs was a bar and restaurant combo. All of the windows were open, because yesterday the weather was just gorgeous. The steps leading up to the second floor were very easy to climb … not so steep … which is great for old ladies and gals with knee problems. The food was good and they give you tons of it. Their drink special of the day was Purple Rain, in honor of the passing of Prince, and it was only six dollars.

Outside, while people were eating and/or drinking, there was a man detailing cars. Now, anyone who knows me knows that my car is in severe need of detailing. I wonder if the guy works during the week? I took a picture of the place and showed it to my sister, so we might take a ride out there on Tuesday for drinks and appetizers. I’d love to get my car detailed while we’re there.

So, if you’re out on the Gulf Coast near Pass Christian (pass krist-yee-ann) be sure to stop by Shaggy’s. I can’t wait to go back.