Original New Orleans Art by Debbie Ainsworth

Maison de Memere (Grandma’s House)

I finished my latest painting, Maison de Memere, a couple of days ago. This one was really a struggle for me. I pushed myself to take my foliage to a new level. It’s not just potted plants this time. I also added a person into the scene for the first time. Yes, I’ve done abstract portraits before, but I’ve never placed a semi-realistic interpretation of a person into a painting before. The size of this one is larger too. It’s 14 x 11. I liked the size a lot. I plan to price originals of this size at $75.

Tonight was the monthly meeting of the Slidell Art League, which I joined when I submitted four of my pieces in the Art & Bloom Show. They have a contest at each meeting, so I entered Maison de Memere into the apprentice category. There was only one other entrant, and I got first place. I’m both astounded and thrilled by that, but I did not know that my painting would be put on display at Slidell Memorial Hospital for a month. While I’m excited about the exposure, I wasn’t quite ready to part with this one just yet. Plus, I can’t list it on Etsy just yet, nor can I advertise it on Facebook. And I’m just a wee bit worried that it will sell and SAL will get a huge percentage (25%) and I valued it at what I would have sold it for on Etsy. Lastly, I’ve decided to start selling prints of my work, and I was going to start with this one.