Original New Orleans Art by Debbie Ainsworth

Limited Edition vs Open Edition

What’s the difference between a Limited Edition fine art print and an Open Edition?

Both Limited and Open Editions are printed on the same, high quality linen textured paper, and both come with acid-free backing boards and bags. Limited Editions are personally signed, dated, and numbered by Debbie Ainsworth. When the run of the edition is done, no more will ever be available. Editions are numbered per size. A Limited Edition run of 5000 will consist of that number of prints per size offered. For example, there will be 5000 of the 8″ x 10″ size, and 5000 of the 11″ x 14″ size, and so on. Limited Edition prints also come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Aren’t Limited Editions just a way to make more money?

Limited Editions offer a little lagniappe (something extra) to art collectors because they are more valuable due to their scarcity as well as the Certificate of Authenticity.

Don’t Open Editions cheapen the value of Limited Editions?

Limited Editions come with a little lagniappe that don’t come with Open Editions, and they are far more rare.

Why does ArtByDArt even offer Open Editions?

Because Debbie Ainsworth wants her art to be for everybody. If she keeps the price low, more people can buy it and display it in their homes or offices. The fact that people like her art enough to buy it is a constant thrill to her, so Debbie’s motivated to keep it affordable.