Original New Orleans Themed Art by Debbie Ainsworth

Le’ Bistro – Original Painting – SOLD

An Original work of Art featuring the exterior of a French Quarter Bistro, created with acrylic paint and signed by the Artist.

Title: Le’ Bistro
Size: 10″ x 8″
Media: Acrylic, Matte finish
One of a Kind

“Le’ Bistro” is an imaginary French Quarter restaurant. It features charming shuttered windows, lots of flowering plants, and a pair of topiaries. Two of the planters features a fleur de lis in relief. Palm trees are nestled among bright red flowers, their fronds gently brush the shutters. One door is open, allowing you to see inside where a bottle of wine and filled glass waits on a table. The details include wine bottles, glasses, and kegs. The name, “Le’ Bistro,” is painted in bright pink letters above the door.

“Le’ Bistro” was created with acrylic paint and it has a matte finish. It has been signed by me, Debbie Ainsworth, the artist, and the title and date are printed on the back. When I first started painting, I always painted around the edges of my canvases because it bugged me not to. Today they call it “gallery wrapping.” So, “Le’ Bistro” is gallery wrapped.