Original New Orleans Art by Debbie Ainsworth

Do Something Productive Each Day

Easier said than done, but not if you lower your standards of the definition of productivity. 🙂 That’s right, y’all! This is going to be an article about the lazy person’s guide to self worth through tiny accomplishments. See, you don’t have to build the whole bridge at once. Today, you just have to look at a picture of one.

Self help gurus always talk about setting goals and taking baby steps, but they never actually give realistic examples. And their baby steps always seem like major accomplishments to a lazy person like me. So, I’ve dialed it back to something I can actually do, and something that I very likely will do. The key is not to call yourself a loser for setting such small goals. A goal is a goal and it all counts. And when you go to bed, you can tell yourself that you at least did ______ today. Trust me, it helps.

One of the reasons I am trying to push my art work and the ArtByDArt brand is I am trying to find a way to make money doing something that I love. However, I’m also horribly lazy. Deep down I’m so afraid of failure that I don’t do anything at all. Or, I’ll make a few attempts, but if I don’t get results immediately, I give up. All of my previous attempts have been with things that I was proficient in, but that didn’t really touch my heart. I didn’t sit around all day doing Real Estate market reports for fun.

My thinking is that if I’m trying to make a profit doing something that I actually like to do, maybe I won’t give up so easily. After all, even if no one buys my art, I still like making it. I’m going to keep making it. So why not keep trying to sell it as long as I can keep the expenses low. The great thing about digital art is that once you’ve paid for the apps, you don’t have to worry about running out of art supplies.

When I’m trying to figure out what I can do that’s productive today, my criteria is very broad. It includes writing articles like this one, making posts for my ArtByDArt Facebook page, sharing pictures of my art, or links to the Etsy shop. It includes looking up information on how to market my art, how to get more likes on my Facebook page, how to take better pictures, or how to use SEO to make it easier for my art to be found. It includes making art either by dragging out the old easel and paint, or by pulling some of my digital art into Photoshop for some post work. If I get any of these things done in a day. Anything at all. Even if I just google something related to ArtByDArt, I feel I accomplished something this day. That makes me feel better about me. And isn’t that the whole point?