Original New Orleans Art by Debbie Ainsworth

Debt and Unexpected Emergencies

Every month it seems some new emergency crops up that keeps me from paying my credit card debt down. Though I recently began making almost twice as much as I used to, I have yet to see any benefit from it, because life keeps reminding me of why it sucks. I’m trying very hard to see the bright side, in that at least I have the money to keep up, but I had such grand plans for paying off both cards and being out of debt in less than two years. In fact, I so much wanted that dream to come true, that I went ahead and paid my ideal amount on both cards despite the fact that it hurt me to do so. That extra $100 would have come in handy towards the end of last month.

The window unit in my room went out, but because my unit was custom installed in my wall, I had to pay for both the new unit, but for someone to install it. The guy did a crappy job, but at least it was only $125. That was last month. This month the fuel pump on my car quit working. Bright side, my nephew can fix the car for free, I just had to buy the part, and the car was in my driveway when it happened.

But the inability to pay my debts down the way I want to is so bloody frustrating. I’m carrying about $3000 worth of debt on both cards. I planned to have the one card paid off by now, and then to use what I was paying for both towards the other. I’m not going to be stupid this time, however. I’ll just have to pay the minimum this month. I also want to be able to give my Mom something, because I hate that I haven’t been able to, but for the second month in a row, I have to skip her, because all three of my domains were expiring this month too.  Aaagghhhh!!!!