Original New Orleans Themed Art by Debbie Ainsworth

Casa de Lis – Original Painting – Award Winning – $50

An Original work of Art featuring a voyeristic view into a French Quarter courtyard, signed by the Artist.


  • Title: Casa de Lis
  • Size: 10″ x 8″
  • Media: Acrylic, Semi-Matte finish
  • Gallery Wrapped (NO FRAMING NECESSARY)
  • Original Painting

As you walk through culture rich streets of the New Orleans French Quarter, you chance upon a rare instance of an open gate, allowing you to get a glimpse of a world usually hidden from view. This courtyard in particular reminds you that the Quarter is as much Spanish as it is French. The scene before you looks like it could be a San Antonio Hacienda. The richly carved door is set into an arch, mimicking the niche beside it, and features wrought iron hardware. The niche houses a statue of a herring and has a fleur de lis at its base to remind you that this is, indeed, the French Quarter. The owners have paid homage to the city’s Spanish heritage with rich, southwestern colors. The courtyard is inviting and you linger near its entrance, wondering about the people who lived here, both past and present.

“Casa de Lis” was created with acrylic paint and it has a semi-matte finish. It has been signed by me, Debbie Ainsworth, the artist, and the title and date are printed on the back. When I first started painting, I always painted around the edges of my canvases because it bugged me not to. Today they call it “gallery wrapping.” So, “Casa de Lis” is gallery wrapped.

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