Art in Technicolor

I absolutely love watching old movies. Black and white, color, doesn’t matter. I love them all. But there’s something about the old Technicolor movies that’s really special. The colors are brighter, bolder, move vivid. In fact, they’re better than real to life color. Technicolor is magical. Remember the Wizard of Oz? Was red ever more vibrant than it was on Dorothy’s ruby slippers? Did yellow ever reach out and grab you like it did with the yellow brick road? How about the blue of Dorothy’s dress, or the bloom of her cheek? The vivid green of the Wicked Witch? Personally, I find those bold, vibrant colors inspiring.

People often comment about the bright colors of my Art. I love it, because I work very hard to make the colors pop. I use everything I’ve ever been taught about color theory, primary, complimentary, and tertiary colors. But it all began with Technicolor movies of my childhood. I want my paintings to have a not quite realistic feel. I try to touch a magical part of the viewer’s soul. That part that harkens back to a time when life was simpler and the world was a bright, vivid, colorful place. It’s so easy to lose that in modernity. Christmas awakens that part of us. So does Halloween and Mardi Gras. And I hope my paintings can nudge it a bit as well.

Halloween Art

New Orleans Art - New Orleans Christmas