Original New Orleans Art by Debbie Ainsworth

Art Commissions

Want Debbie to paint something just for you? Use the form on the right (or below if you’re on a phone) to start the process. Once a price is agreed upon, you will submit half as a nonrefundable deposit for work to begin. Debbie will keep you updated with pictures throughout the process. Your feedback is always welcome. Debbie aims to please. The other half of the price is due upon completion. Shipping is extra, but if you’re local, Debbie will gladly meet up with you for a personal delivery. In the unlikely event that you do not wish to complete the purchase, Debbie will keep the deposit and the paintings. She might cry a little too.

Debbie Ainsworth retains the copyright on art she produces. She makes and sells prints of all original paintings, including commissions. If you do not want her to make prints of your commission, you may purchase a limited exclusive license. This license does NOT give you the right to make and sell or give away prints of your commissioned artwork.